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Recommend : Fanfiction and Sasori Shrine update

Oct. 14th, 2005 | 04:50 am

I finally found the time to peruse for fanfiction and the motivation to make a proper post. To be honest, the recent development in the manga had much to do with it. I felt revived and it all started with Gaara waking up (not Akatsuki but yours truly has a very soft spot for this character). And of course I'm known for being lazy ~ but then what lies within this post are great finds in my opinion and I must share :D


[1] Rules by The Marmaladecat 1 This is a oneshot story featuring Sasori and Deidara. I enjoyed it thoroughly because I love seeing how readers portray the interaction between these two characters, I'm always excited on how their relationship will be treated and what conversations will transpire. In my humble opinion this fic does not disappoint at all. Makes perfect for a good read.

[2] Limits by The Marmaladecat 1 I love this piece because it is Kisame's point of view and it is an eloquent portrayal of his character. Kisame is in equal footing with Itachi, his character not moving in the shadow of the Uchiha. To me that's such a brilliant approach. The author made Kisame shine. The innuendo part was written out thoughtfully. There's something about Itachi's detachment and Kisame's passive acceptance that makes for chemistry.

[3] Leave it to Deidara by Tidal Rabbit She has updated the ficcy! This part leaves you hanging, but Deidara does not fail delivering laughs with his sweet-rather-dumb disposition *heart* I wish there was more, sincerely!

Shrine Update : Sasori

Sasori Shrine is now open and completed. Actually this is rather delayed but think of this as a reminder to go visit. Our dear puppet master wants you to...ORDERS YOU to visit! Don't forget to sign the guest book! The shrine is owned by : superflavor

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Note: The Akatsuki memes

Sep. 14th, 2005 | 07:05 am
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I was supposed to compile links to Memes and Quizzes about the Akatsuki boys, but then I discovered that a whole list is available at akatsuki_love so please visit and feed your akatsuki knowledge and fanatic cravings! This is the LINK. Have fun!

The community is maintained by mellychan

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Recommend: Articles about the Uchihas

Sep. 14th, 2005 | 06:52 am
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[1]The Uchiha Details It's a good article to have in hand just for your basic Uchiha clan guide. Because there are a number of them specially in the "Itachi and Sasuke : a Faraway Existence" episode; where we are introduced to other Sharingan possessing characters.

[2]An Itachi Essay by bells_drabbles It's an in depth take on Itachi's psyche by using quotes and tracing it sequentially. The writer's ability to relay exact and necessary thought makes the article prolific and very much understandable. A Backgrounder about Itachi (in anime at least) is needed to understand the article as a whole.

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Recommend: Akatsuki clubs @ Deviantart

Sep. 14th, 2005 | 06:50 am
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Deviantart caters to all types of artistic expression, I suppose as long as it can be done and rendered on paper, computers or any imaging device - it's applicable. So it is understandable that many a manga/anime related clubs are created within that eCommunity. Desktop items like wallpapers, themes, icons and winamp skins are available within. And you'll be happy to know that there are three prominent Akatsuki-related clubs found there.

[1] Akatsuki Club @ Deviantart I have recommended this site before, and it's only fitting to include it once more. It really is a good place to start looking for items and artwork, a mesh of styles and ideas that's just so good to take all in and a good reason to take pride in being an Akatsuki fan. Hell yes...I can be very dramatic.

[2] Itachi Club @ Deviantart The fangirl in me is happy. very happy with this club. It has prompted me to create my own deviantart account (even if my graphic skills are sub-par) I just want to be part of this club. The site boasts of wallpapers and there's even a comic of Tayuya x Itachi (with various reactions from different characters in the anime). I love crack-fanart and yes, there's an abundance of that in there as well. there's also a listing of other related clubs - Naruto related in general. I wear my Itachi fan proudly *^_^*

[3] Sasori Club @ Deviantart It's like the baby of Akatsuki clubs for now -- For our dearest Sasori *luv* I found this club out through the Itachi club - it was advertising it heavily in the profile section. It's that kind of coming together of fans and the like, and here's to me hoping that in the future one for Kisame, Deidara, Zetsu, Leadersama and soon to be revealed members will pop up. BUT if you know any that's already existing I am always, always open for referrals (complete with credit of course).

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Recommend: Wallpapers

Sep. 14th, 2005 | 06:36 am
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[1]Uchiha Artworks It's in French, but it's loaded with good fanart and wallpapers. It features a good image of Itachi and sasuke -- Chidori sparking and all.

[2]Akatsuki It's also in French. A wallpaper site and information resource as well.

[3]More Itachi Wallpapers More is more ^_^!

[4]Mirage Team Wallpapers A sunstantial amount of wallpapers done with original art, it's very impressive, it's not Akatsuki centric but it has a number of Itachi ones.

[5]Akatsuki Club @ Animepaper It's a wallpaper club and Akatsuki has their own representation in there :D It's members only.

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Recommend: Akatsuki Fansites/Shrines (Itachi, Deidara, Sasori)

Sep. 10th, 2005 | 05:01 am
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I just want to say something ^^ (yes another one of my unsolicited opinions...) given the recent developments in the Manga - it's sites like these that make realities like that bearable. As fans we immortalize the characterswe love by remembering and dedicating things big or small to them. It's not duty that dictates this but our bond with the characters and how they affected us during the course of their activity in the series we adore.

These are but a few of many (for I know in my heart there are MANY) Akatsuki fansites/shrines out there in the world wide web. The following are shrines to Itachi and Sasori. I shall be on the search for more - just a little patience. You can also participate by emailing me URLs of fansites that you know of, I will duly credit of course :D

[1]Prodigy: An Uchiha Itachi Shrine everything you needed to know (statistics-wise) about Itachi is in this shrine. As a fansite it offers details that is surely vital to any Itachi supporter (me included). I love the site - because the information it presents is well organized, it's not confusing at all to peruse through the contents. I'm not sure if it's viewer-friendly for everyone. the color scheme for the site is red and black.

[2]Blood Stained : Fansite/Gallery for Itachi I love the layout *_* but it takes a while to load for me. Nonetheless, it's a gallery site where you shall find scans and CGIs. there is also an information section about Mr. Sharingan himself. (no Sasuke not you :P *gets the grand fireball technique* @_@)

[3]Puppet: A Sasori Fansite This site is still under construction but - visit it because you'll find good reason to keep coming back and keep track of the site as it grows. The site is viewer friendly and easy to navigate. The colr scheme of the site appeals to me. And as a side note : It's sites like these that enables fans like me to deal with stuff every fan has to face (the recent Manga development).

[4]Artistic Creativity: A Deidara Shrine/FL For our youngin Deidara - how sweet it is to be young, powerful and wickedly beautiful *^_^* It's still under construction, BUT it's something to watch out for. Un!

I'd just like to say Thank you! to superflavor for the Sasori Fansite referral. And my heart goes out to you ~ I for one refuse to read the lates chapter of the manga. Not yet ;_;

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Recommend: Akatsuki Fanlistings

Sep. 10th, 2005 | 04:17 am
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In your heart you know you love them...THEM (Akatsuki: US!) so get listed. These are but a few of the sites out there that love us...who love Akatsuki.

[1]And when the sun rises The Akatsuki Fanlisting
[2]Bloody Murderer The Uchiha Itachi fanlisting
[3]Artistic Creativity The Deidara Fanlisting
[4]Artistique~ A Deidara/Sasori Fanlisting
[5]Shark Bite A Hoshigake Kisame Fanlisting
[6]A R T A Sasori Fanlisting
[7]< < ZETSU > > A Zetsu Fanlisting! Hurrah!
[8]POKER FACE... A Deidara/Itachi Fanlisting

It looks incomplete doesn't it? Without a fanlisting for Leader-sama and Zetsu it's just not right. If there are other Akatsuki related fanlistings (maybe an FL for Samehada or the purple nail polish O_o) out there please email me. Thank you![Edit: I added the ZETSU FL (there is one that exists!)]

Thank you to kayuuko for the email/information regarding the Zetsu FL and the Deidara/Itachi fanlisting. Thank you!

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Recommend: Akatsuki Member LJ Communities

Sep. 10th, 2005 | 03:43 am
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Akatsuki : Livejournal Communities

This is a list of Lj communities that are all about the individual Akatsuki members. Anyway, the list looks substantial to me, though I would want to know if here are other communities out there hsted by greatestjournal or deadjournal. I'll have to investigate one of these days when i'm not so swamped with chores and jobhunting *^_^* I like the fact that from generic communities - character specific ones come out. we all have our favorites don't we ?

The list! Oh my god, my head keeps wandering to other things!

[1]_zetsu_ I confess to jumping up my seat after seeing him in the anime. I got excited with his sudden appearance just when I was really depressed with the outcome of Sasuke and Naruto's battle. Zetsu was a sight for sore eyes - and a good subject matter for speculation and fanimagination. Not to leave out the fact that his character design is wonderfully intriguing. *has always been fascinated by carnivorous plants* Now JOIN! This community is maintained by uni_mara

[2]akatsukileader This community is for the enigmatic leader-sama of Akatsuki. So far we all know he's got such intense eyes and a real handsome shadow ^_^! Hopefully his real identity will be revealed and we can give a face to the already popular title. This site is maintained by thomasvye

[3]deidara_un It would be wrong to not have a community for the charmer in Akatsuki, Deidara. The layout for this community is very pretty and it is linked to a shrine and fanlisting also dedicated to our clay-controlling, wicked beauty. Un! This site is maintained by kayuuko

[4]kisame_addicts Kisame would have a F I T if he didn't have his own fan community, that's why I was more than happy to discover this place. I know that there are lots of you that love Kisame - JOIN this community. Tell people about it. Ask gramma to join! All for the love of the shark-man. *^_^* This community is maintained by doomturtle

[5]sasori_pimpin *^_^* If I were to rank the communities, this would be my second favorite because I love Sasori for so many reasons *gush* his reddish hair, his pretty face, the fact that I was born under the sign of scorpio and because he managed to irritate Itachi-san by having interst in the kyuubi. This community is maintained by rejectedstalker

[6]orochimaru, _orochimaru_ *promptly hides behind Itachi-san* well...used to be a member of Akatsuki, right? And I so think he's one of the luckiest men alive - having to work and to be in the company of the cutest men in anime ever (ie.,Sasori, Kimimaro-kun, Sasuke and Kabuto) - I envy him. Though I'm terrified by his tongue *wibbles*

The maintainers are:
For Orochimaru: develynia
For _Orochimaru_: black_dragon748, stackey

[7]i_ta_chi I included this community before and it is all about our favorite mangekyou user -- Mr. Sharingan himself, Itachi-san *fangirls* I'm such a sucker for all things Itachi that I just had to include this link again. This site is maintained by smokesinaki

I would like to thank uni_mara sincerely, for the Zetsu community referral.

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Recommend: Akatsuki Fanart Sites 2 (Jp)

Sep. 10th, 2005 | 03:40 am
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More Japanese Fanart Websites for the Akatsuki Fans!

This is a continuation of an earlier post which can be found here. A collection of Japanese websites feauturing fanart of the Akatsuki boys. This post could not have been possible without the help and contribution of mellychan the moderator of akatsuki_love, thank you so much. Now, on to the list:

[1]Akatsuki Gen I have to say that the index page for this site is adorable. It took a while for it to load (for me as I have slow connection) but when it came out it was fabulous. The Itachi and Sasuke fanart was truly wonderful. The site uses frames which makes navigation easy, and the loading time is no problem as well. The site is viewer friendly. As for the images, the site features mostly Itachi art, but there were some ItaDei, ItaDeiSaso, Deidara and one of Sasori where he was doing his puppet thing (which is way too cool for school) *^^*

[2]Itachi|Deidara This is one of those sites that I was glad i went to because it surprised me with it's many hidden treasures. Well first of all the site is easy to navigate, pictures load fast and it's viewer friendly (major frames work but still okay!). Anyway back to the art...how exquisite the images were - the artist made Itachi real pretty and fragile-looking; like one of those images that fashion designers use when they make clothes. Another thing is that the artist incorporated traditional Japanese style where the lines are prominent but the fillers are light. And then (excuse the fangirling) the best surprise for me was the Kimimaro image. iwas going my merry way - clicking and clicking and clicking -- until viola! I found him, sitting all beautiful and looking gay as ever *^_^* (Kimi-kun should be with Gaara. Un!)

[3]Deidara Well color me happy - but the CGIs created by the artist were beautiful. The Akatsuki favorite was Deidara and he was represented beautifully. The site is viewer friendly, easy to navigate and filled with various images. There's that Hinata image with a purple aura (I thought it was terribly cute *^_^*). Itachi is in the latest update *sparkle*

[4]Akatsuki Fan Comic (Jp) There is a wide array of wacky stuff that the mangas feature, there's one strip where Itachi hides behind Kisame - squicked at what Zetsu has said. the best thing about drawing is that you can easily tell the situation and emotion the characters are showing without actually having to understand the words they're saying in the script. There is also a Gaara/Deidara comic strip that looks interesting hmmm (kimimaro muse: NOOOO! Gaara MINE!) and then there's the sasori fanart that looks so beautiful. But by far - my most favorite feature in this site is the omake drawing of Zetsu on the index page. It's so cute.

[5]Deidara May i just say that the layout of the site is so pretty to my eyes. And the lovely Deidara sprites scattered all over the index page are lovely. The artist's obvius favorite is Deidara but there are also Akatsuki featured in general. the drawing style is funky, very contemporary and street - I love it. But i won't go too far as to saying it reminded me of MTV cartoon DARIA...There's one illustration featuring Kisame, Itachi, Sasori and Deidara (click here) and I can't help but fall over with cuteness at how Sasori was represented - punk all the way huh? *love* it!

By: Mangenkyou

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Recommend: Akatsuki Fanfiction

Sep. 8th, 2005 | 03:56 pm
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Akatsuki Fanfiction : Fanfiction.net Source

[1]Life Of the Uchiha by Ryushi (the Dutch EroSennin) As a fanfic writer myself, I like it when an original character is introduced to enhance or
clarify the persona of an IC character. Not to defy storylines or anything, it just gives me an idea of how creative a writer is, i always look out on how good a person can weave the characters, plot, and time line together. This story is Itachi-centric and ventures to explain/show another side of the Sharingan heir. The writing style is direct and the writer says what he/she wants, the way he/she wants it said. As an adventure fic - it does its genre proud. I can say that I too feel like i'm part of the action. The fic is ongoing and is on it's 19th chapter.

[2]Leave it to Deidara by Tidal Rabbit I want everyone to know that I'm RAVING about this fic. R A V I N G! Not only is it funny, it's prolific. it's an Itachi fic but the participation of Deidara, Sasori and Kisame are evident if not the lifeblood of the scenes. The author's wit and humor comes through perfectly. Imagine Itachi eating koala snacks and Sasori wanting to make a puppet out of Itachi. It's truly a gem. I love the plot and it gave me a whole new scope into how i see Itachi. The fic is ongoing and is on it's second chapter. I hope and pray that the author updates soon. Because I'll be watching out for this story.

[3]Black and Blue All Over by TailFluffGirl A collection of five narrations about the dynamics/partnership of Kisame and Itachi. My favorite is the "Say Ahhh" chapter because of goofy Deidara, it's really hard not to love him in any given situation or scene. All in all the collection is poignant and never starys from its purpose. It's never too fluffy nor sappy - it's a proper combination of intent and feeling. I adore stories that portray the Akatsuki members with rounded characters - they could very well be vicioud but still there's two sides to a coin, ne? Read it!

There will be more coming up. But please watch out for more Japanese Fanart Site recommendations.

By: thinnerair

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